This is the land, of the grumpy old man.

I ...

am apparently very conservative now. The liberals have gone so far off the rail to the left, that I am now considered to be on the right. Though my perspective is actually moderate.

am an avid video game player. Many people spend their money on taking a vacation. I just escape to other worlds, sometimes my friends come along. On occasion I'll stream my game play.

am a Gulf War Veteran with nerve damage and hearing loss.

am single and will likely stay that way. I don't want your nagging. Leave me alone and bitch at someone else.

Some of my history

I have been a hobbyist programmer since the 1985, when my uncle gave me his old TRS-80 with 64Kb of RAM. I taught myself Basic, which was spaghetti code back then with line numbers and goto statements. I brough my own computer in 1988. That computer was a Packard-Bell 8088 (4Mhz/10Mhz) that did not have a HDD. It only had two 5.25" floppy disk drives. It ran on MS-DOS 3.3 with 64KB of RAM.

In 1988 I joined the US Army Reserve and was assigned to the 810th MP Co in Tampa FL. In 1990 our unit was activiated for the Gulf War. I brought a QuickC 2.5 coding book with me for my 8 month romp in the sand. Which is why I hate the beach and smell of coconut now.

I have been married and divorced TWICE. Because I'm apparently not smart enough to learn the first time.

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Stella Reticulare

A Browser Game, 20190608
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This is a browser game I started working on.

Currently, it isn't much of a game. Its a basic profile system with a MySQL backend. I started working on it AGAIN, just after receiving my certification for Front-End development from Woz-U. I put time into it when I'm not working.


Title description, 20190908
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Some text..

A long line of faux Latina verbi.